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Inventory Station


E-commerce seller wanted to have an inventory system that can track inventory and sell to many marketplaces and maintain consistent inventory counts. Most of the commercial solutions did not provide all custom functionality needed, not to mention most did not built product catalog that could be re-used when listing. Another issue is the long time to market when new venue needs to be integrated. Our client wants to have the new venue added and used within weeks, not months or years as some of the competing products on the market offer.


Solution King's team implemented complex system comprised of website application that allows the users to manage the product listings while back end services exchange data with the marketplaces - list items, collect orders, adjust inventory on hand quantities and collect transaction data for trace-ability. The website application goes further to manage company users, their speed and efficiency working through the process of listing a product.  A product sold on one marketplace triggers an update to product count across the other venues.  The software is so versatile and useful that the client has decided to offer it as software as a service (SaaS) to others in the industry. It is already used by multiple e-commerce retailers. If you want to learn more please visit http://inventorystation.com