Asbestek - asbestos inspection software

System for asbestos inspectors to manage their entire job workflow - new inspection data, on site data collection, inspection upload, chain of custody, lab results, and final client report


Our client has been Asbestos Inspector for over a decade. He found the process he was using cumbersome, error prone and extremely inefficient. All the paperwork was a lot of hassle. At the same time there was no room for error due to the sensitive nature of the asbestos reporting. The wrong data could send a crew to a job site to demolish a building that is unsafe and requires special asbestos removal prior to demolition. Our client wanted a SaaS solution that could be offered to other inspectors.


Our team designed a start to end solution that comprises of a web application for the back office - create inspection, create chain of custody, enter lab report results, email client final report being some of the main components. In addition we created mobile application to be used for the actual on site inspection process. The application was designed to operate fully in offline mode to handle any place where internet signal might not exist. All collected data is uploaded to the back office database once the mobile device has some connectivity. System comes with pre-defined report templates that could be easily modified on the fly to produce the client report. No Office software is needed, all editing is done with html editor. PDF document merging puts everything together, the client report the lab results, photos and inspection data, all for a comprehensive client report.